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Indian Literature

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A meeting place for all enthusiasts of Indian literature (in English or regional languages).
Hello and welcome.

This community is created as a forum for all kinds of discussion on Indian literature. You don't have to be Indian to join. If you like reading books about India and/or by Indian authors and want to talk about them, this is your place!

Important:: This is NOT a community to share or talk about your own writing, even if you're Indian. There are other communities for that purpose. We will warn you the first time you're found doing anything such, and the second time will see you effectively banned.

What you can do, however, includes any and all of these:

- share your favourite books/authors,
- write reviews, previews and opinions,
- ask for and give suggestions,
- discuss everything under the sun about literary trends and issues in India,
- make and share icons, and generally play around, without going too far off-topic.


- We won't really mind if you talk about authors from other South Asian countries either (i.e. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan... the works).

- We also don't mind if you advertise your own community in ours, but it has to be a relevant community. Please check with one of the moderators before you advertise a community. We might just delete the post otherwise.

- Anyone found spamming the community, threatening/abusing other members and such activities will obviously not receive much love. Since the community is only just born, we will device innovative ways of painfully torturing these species to death by and by.

And that's all, folks!