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This is fascinating. I have this open in a tab to comment more on when my brain is less fried.

this weather is not at all conducive to unfried brains, i'm afraid. mine has been no better for a very long time.

Read Suitable Boy, once you get into it, you will be hooked!!

That's interesting. Yes there is something about his style - I'm not sure, maybe it's the involvement and precision of the prose that make it sound Indian?

This post has coaxed me into joining now since I'm the one who recommended the book in question...now I've got to go and read some of those other books :)

I know the feeling. Im a pretty impatient reader as well. And everytime I come across A Suitable Boy in book stores and libraries I'm always put off by the bulk size. And I had my first (and last, as of now)taste of Vikram Seth through An Equal Music as well. A big book in its own right. But a mustard seed when you look at A Suitable Boy. I wish it came in parts. It would be so much more appealing.

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