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A Man Booker Disappointment!
nelisa_abi wrote in indianlit
Hello! Im new here, I was actually considering making a community for Indian literature, before I found this! Its sad that there are so few members.

I just read 'The White Tiger' by Aravind Adiga and I was so disappointed with it. His style of writing is somewhat like Indra Sinha's in Animal's People, not as vulgar but a little close. But despite all the not-so-pleasant characteristics of Animal, I really liked his charachter. He almost has this innocent charm to him. Maybe, innocent is not the right word. He looked at life at a somewhat unbiased perspective, despite his disability. But in The White Tiger, I really didn't connect to Balram's character and when you don't like the main charachter, the rest of the story is just lost on you.

And not everyone in this world is untrustworthy. I'm almost felt sad to be an Indian after reading it. I agree that all the corruption is there and probably will never go away. But India has a charm that the book completely washes away. I guess its a reality that I just have to accept.

But, I've just got my hand on Sea of Poppies and Im already hooked after the first few pages. I did enjoy The Hungry Tide and Im really looking forward to finishing this one. Amitav Ghosh writes about the most unusual topics doesn't he? I have never before in my life connected dolphins and India in the same sentence in my head.

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I honestly can't imagine how they could they could pick The White Tiger over Sea of Poppies. And I've only read four chapters so far. Its seems to get better. :)

i've heard talk that sea of poppies wasn't selected for the same reason the first two lord of the rings films didn't sweep away all the oscars. everyone knows sea of poppies is awesome, everyone is waiting for the trilogy to end.

and well, there won't be so few members if more members join up. that seems to be the theory, yes? :)

I really loved Sea of Poppies, and can't wait for the next volumes to come out. I haven't read White Tiger yet, although it is on my list.

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